KLINGERSIL Hochdruckdichtung

KLINGER® Graphite Laminate TSM

TA-Luft approved with reduced leakage rate for high temperatures up to 450°C

KLINGER® Graphite Laminate TSM fulfills the TA-Luft requirements and offers safety at high temperatures up to 450°C.


Glueless gasket material consisting of impregnated expanded graphite and a 0.1mm thick tanged stainless steel insert. Stable physical properties over the whole temperature range.

Areas of application

KLINGER® Graphite Laminate TSM is especially suitable for the use in the chemical industry, in refineries and power plants.
KLINGERSIL® C-4300 ist eine universelle Hochdruckdichtung.

Key features

  • Mechanically bonded tanged stainless steel insert
  • Excellent high temperature resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance


  • Superior tightness (TA-Luft approval)
  • Stable physical properties over the whole temperature range
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