KLINGERSIL Hochdruckdichtung

KLINGER® Graphite Laminate SLF

High temperature gasket material with outstanding performance

KLINGER® Graphite Laminate SLF combines easy handling with outstanding long term sealing performance. It complies with the German TA Luft (Clean-air). 


This material is composed of two layers of flexible graphite and a 0.3 mm thick high temperature resistant and firbre based insert.

Areas of application

KLINGER® Graphite Laminate SLF is recommended for applications in which graphite is the material of choice and minimal fugitive emissions are required.

KLINGERSIL® C-4300 ist eine universelle Hochdruckdichtung.

Key features

  • Unique non-metallic reinforcement
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High temperature resistance


  • Easy to cut
  • Safe handling
  • Excellent tightness
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